"Music is the single greatest gift to mankind. It is born inside us with the very rhythm of our hearts through every second of life. I am one of the fortunate ones who followed that rhythm through the bass." - Chris Davison



Birthday: October 25th, 1983

Hometown: Red Bank, NJ

Current gigs: American Road, The Inversion Circus, Zaritza, freelance/session work

Endorsements: Spectraflex Cables, Morley Pedals, GHS Strings, Mooer Audio, Rockready straps/gig bags, Pickboy picks

Chris Davison has been a passionate bass player since the young age of 10 years old. He received his first bass (Fender Precision) and amp for Christmas from his parents and close family friend Rick with an added bonus thrown in from legendary guitarist Hughie Thommason (The Outlaws/Lynyrd Skynyrd) who had the bass customized for him. His roots in music stem front southern rock, but quickly branched out to fusion, jazz, progressive metal, and much more as he progressed in his playing. Primarily self taught over the years, Chris did take early beginner lessons with NJ local music teacher John Frank who exposed him to a wide array of musical influences that most kids would never have the opportunity to know at a young age. Fast forward 25 years, Chris has taken on the student role under retired Berklee professor Joe Macaro to further his education in all things bass and music. To date, Chris has played across the country in bands such as Tomorrows Past, Frank 'n' Davison, Industry Standerd, Zaritza, The Inversion Circus, the Steve Bello Band, American Road, and many more as well as session work in many genres. Aside from 6 string electric bass, Chris has developed a passion for string bass and enjoys his fair share of cello as well when the opportunity arises! The flood gates seem to be opening on his career, so be on the look out for appearances on several upcoming records (including his first solo bass album) and shows for various artists as we head into 2020!

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